A Gray Area

My wife and I were recently talking about the quickly graying head of President Obama. Now today there is quite the amusing story on this development in the Washington Post. The rather irrelevant story is personally interesting to me though. Why, you ask? Well, over the past couple of cold, wintery months I have intently observed my own aging scalp popping up gray hair. And now I’m in the middle of a personal dilemma.

The dilemma: what to do? Should I pull the hairs out one by one? Do I readjust my budget and prepare for a lengthy investment in Just for Men products? Is there some type of herb or supplement that I can take? Can I slow the growth by increasing the amount of intensive excercise I do, or through some other physical sacrifice (for example, such as drinking less Giant-brand Zazz Seltzer water–I’ve recently developed this incessant habit of drinking an exorbitant amount of this tasy beverage and I just can’t seem to quench my thirst)? Do I need more sleep? Am I overly stressed? Do I ignore it? Why me? And why at such a youthful age? All of these questions have now suddenly arisen for me to ponder…but I must be efficient in making my decision because, like Mr. President, the grays are sprouting up quickly (although, quite unlike him, I don’t have anyone so intently watching my hair).

Well, before you start to feel sorry for me or begin to judge my vain character, let me clarify my rant. I’m not actually concerned with how the gray hair effects my appearance. In fact, I’ve always thought that gray hair would provide me with a more distinguished and mature look. On top of that, I understand that gray hair is inevitable. The way I see it, trying to mask over or stop the inevitable from occurring only brings it on that much more quickly anyway (both, in one’s perception and in actuality). Plus, I don’t really fear the idea of aging, so why should I fear the bodily qualities that come with it? But, given all of these clarifying points, let me explain the reason I call this a dilemma. See, everytime I look at myself in the mirror I happen to take note of the current graying spread and I start to contemplate my next move, asking myself all the aforementioned questions. The dilemma exists purely because I have not made the concious decision about what to do and clearly, I will continue to make note of the gray each day until this dilemma is resolved. I guess I’ll just move beyond this gray area and make a decision: I will ignore it.

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