Snow Day

In Washington today, there is a constant flow of snow flakes dropping onto the city streets. Just a moment ago, I was lying in bed looking out the window and watching the snow blow around the sky as the tiny, white flakes made their final descent to the ground below. The wind is wildly blowing. The flakes, which naturally float down, are whisked in every direction all at once. What is it about these tiny flakes of precipitation that is so beautiful when accumulated in such volumes? Is it the rarity of the occasion? Back when I lived in Illinois it was common to regularly see such a bombardment of snow flakes. But even then, if I recall, I was taken by the beauty of these flakes, aimlessly floating down. I think that is it: the aimless beauty of the flakes. Aimlessness. Hmm. I think I’ll enjoy this snow day.

A man with a cane slowly crosses the snow-covered street.

A man cleaning off a snow-covered vehicle.


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