Some of you may have already seen this incredibly fascinating and informative web application, but if not, you can thank me for introducing you to it: Wikipedia, as you know, is useful for locating general information on most any topic. Wikimapia is it’s corollary for locating spatially-based information. If you are familiar with Google Maps (and really, who isn’t?), then this application’s interface will be familiar to you. As you open the homepage, you will be zoomed far out with an aerial view of the earth. From there you can use the search engine option on the far right hand side of the page in order to search a particular location (e.g. Washington, DC or the United States Capitol Building). Or, you can just use the toggle functions as you would in Google Maps and begin exploring around. As you hover the mouse over any particular location, the location is highlighted and it’s name is shown (see image below). As you zoom in closer, even more locations appear for your perusal. When you hover over a location of choice and want to know more about that location, simply click on that location and a pop-up window will provide you with a brief location description, wikipedia links on that location, and, occasionally, there will also be pictures in the pop-up window. And since this website is a wiki, you can modify the site yourself! Try it out!

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