2009 Smithsonian Folk Festival Dancing

At the 2009 Smithsonian Folk Festival, as the Colombian band played beautifully, this man danced marvelously [watch the video below]. I love when other people dance as though no one is watching…or as though they could care less if someone were.  And this man, whoever he is, was truly a joy to watch. His great dancing made my weekend!  I hope that the portion of his dance that I was able to capture on video makes you smile, too.

2 responses to “2009 Smithsonian Folk Festival Dancing

  1. He’s livin’ his life!!

    This is great, I love the arms-behind-back-twirl-through-the-crowd-action at the end. Definitely made me smile.

    • Yes, that was great…and the dancing continued on for several minutes (I just ran out of battery). Thanks for the comments!

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