Where are the Words?


You may have noticed that activity at Words Of WITte has been absent for the past several weeks, including my “daily” feature, Caught on the Corner.  Well, I have been in the middle of a period of huge transition in my life–both personal and professional.  Though, things are finally settling down and life should be getting back to normal soon.  I just want to make sure to inform all readers that there will be activity on these pages once again.  That includes the just aforementioned feature that, one photo at a time, brings you a snippet of life on the corner of 14th and Irving–I’ve heard it’s quite popular with my friend in Chicago, Brian.  But before any activity returns, I am taking a mini-vacation to Manhattan en route to a family wedding celebration in the Wrigleyville portion of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.  I return Monday, October 19th.  Check back shortly after that for more updates. 

But before I sign off, I leave you with a photo of myself and Brother Cornel.  I was extremely excited to be able to meet him at Washington, D.C.’s Greenfestival 2009.  At Greenfestival–an event on and about everything to do with sustainability–there are “green” vendors and businesses, movies, food, kids activities, great speakers, and more.  For this year’s event, I was most excited about hearing Dr. West speak (but I was also interested in hearing Joel Salatin, who conveniently spoke directly after Dr. West).  After West’s electrifying speech, I met him when I purchased his brand new book, Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud, A Memoir.  He was a sincere and gracious man.  Essentially, the speech was, and presumably his book is, on how to live a political, ethical, and principled life.  During the speech he used his own life and presented a short biographical sketch of some of his political development.  He was an energetic, humorous, intelligent, and inspiring speaker.  I hope that reading his book helps to energize me thereby inspiring even more writing on these pages.  Until next time…

Cornel and me at Greenfestival 2009 in Washington, D.C.

Cornel and me at Greenfestival 2009 in Washington, D.C.


One response to “Where are the Words?

  1. I do hope you bring back the words soon, which I always enjoyed.

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