Beauty is in the Detail


This past weekend my wife, our puppy dog, and I stayed at a little, rural cottage nearby the small towns of Stanley and Luray, Virginia. Though weather forecasts called for a rainy weekend, Saturday—Halloween—turned out to be quite the beautiful day. It was sunny and crisp with temperatures in the sixty degree range. In the morning we had a hearty country breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, buttered biscuits, freshly-squeezed orange juice, and just brewed and perfectly bitter coffee.  Not fifteen feet away from the red picnic bench where we ate there were numerous large, black-colored cows that provided us with a chorus of moos throughout the meal. Following breakfast we took a stroll along the country road in front of the cottage in search of a path that would take us to a nearby river. Aimlessness eventually led us to a very dry, dead end as we arrived at the gates of a family estate. On this estate there was a closed camp ground which was clearly defunct for a number of years. After more than a few steps onto the land and following a small disagreement about whether it is acceptable to walk through the property in search of the river, cooler heads prevailed:  we turned around and went back to the cottage. On our return I laid on the grass, belly-side down. In addition to providing a predictable burst of excitement from our puppy, that position also produced a wondrous visual perspective for me. I was particularly drawn in by the beauty, especially in the detail, of the ginormous mushrooms that had sprouted up and all around the barb wire, fenced-in yard. I decided to try and capture their beauty, so I shot several photographs. I hope this single photo provides some of that perspective.


A beautiful mushroom.

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