Tales from…Jasper


A top five list of the most disgusting items picked up from D.C.’s streets and into the mouth of my curious and tight-jawed, yet charming little puppy, Jasper.

(1) A greasy, blue cheese dressing-covered, chicken bone.

Rather than finding their way into one of the many garbage cans located throughout the neighborhood, chicken bones can often be found scattered throughout the streets.  Area dog owners are constantly pulling the bones from their dog’s mouth, but that task becomes that much more annoying when the bone is still smothered in blue cheese dressing.

(2) The half-eaten and dirtied carcass of a pigeon (with feathers intact).

The dead bird was an absolutely repulsive sight laying disemboweled on the sidewalk.  It shouldn’t be difficult then to imagine how much more repulsive it was to see the flopping-carcass hanging from the mouth of my cute little puppy.

(3) A frantic, singing cicada desperately flapping its wings and hoping to escape from the jaws of certain death.

While this doesn’t necessarily sound disgusting, it was a little less than an unpleasant experience pulling Jasper’s little jaw open so to free the little bugger.

(4) A bloodied finger bandage.

Again, this one doesn’t seem too disgusting until you start to consider all the possible diseases on the bandage.

(5) A dirt and blood-stained maxi pad.

Yes, you read that correctly: a bloodied maxi pad!


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