Lessons from a yogurt top


I just peeled the foil lid from my organic, Stonyfield-brand rasberry yogurt.  On the bottom of the lid it reads: “You could conserve 1.7 trees and 700 gallons of water over 5 years, while also preventing greenhouse gas emissions, by reducing your junk mail.  Imagine what we could conserve if we all reduced our junk mail.”  The lid’s top reads, “Help stop the waste, while keeping your mailbox free of junk.  Visit Stonyfield.com to learn how.” 

Curious I went.  I eventually found the page I was looking for and read up on how I could reduce my junk mail, which directed me to the more helpful website of a group, Eco Cycle.  If you are annoyed by unwanted junk mail, Eco Cycle provides numerous tips and suggestions for ridding yourself of nuisance mailers.  Take a look!

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