Friday News


The recent dearth of website activity is not due to a lack of ideas, thoughts, images, or words to share.  And lack of time or care aren’t the culprits either.  More than anything else, my creative capacities and energies for this website and its productivity have just simply been stuck in my head and I’ve been unable to pry them loose.  They (that is, my creative capacities and energies) are there though and I assure you they’ll continue to produce content for this website–or another one–once unstuck, but not today. 

I am strongly leaning toward taking a different approach with the website’s content and focus.  As you may have noticed, both Caught on the Corner and Scene on Tuesday have fallen to the wayside.  I’m unsure, but I think they’ve run their course.  I will continue to consider whether there should be a new focus or an expansion in a particular area already explored, such as film reviews or short stories.  Perhaps I should simply stick to sharing photography or opinions in essay form.  I just don’t know yet.  In any case, changes are on the way.  Please feel free to share any thoughts with me in the comments or by e-mail.

One response to “Friday News

  1. I’m guessing the “dearth of activity” has less to do with the end of a course, and more to do with “one in the oven”

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