Pope Benedict XVI: life in the fast lane


A poll conducted by Pew Research Center for People & the Press shows that Pope Benedict XVI’s job approval ratings have plumeted recently.  This isn’t too surprising considering the newest scandalous reports on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.  However, it is surprising that they keep such a poll in the first place. 

Pope Benedict XVI in Washington, D.C. in early 2008. His Pope-mobile sped right by me. But I did manage to capture an image of his waving hand.

But since the data is collected, I’ll share the highlights.  When asked, how well has the Pope done addressing the sexual abuse scandal, in April 2010, 12% of respondents say he has done an excellent or good job compared to 39% in April 2008.  20% of respondents said he has done a poor job in 2008, while 44% say so in 2010.  Unsurprisingly, the harshest critic are those Americans that are religiously unaffiliated:  in 2010, 68% say he has done a poor job.  But disapproval is widespread among Catholics and Protestants, too (in 2010, 28% of Catholics and 44% of Protestants agree that he has done a poor job).  Life in the fast lane is a hot seat.

In addition to all the people trying to catch a glimpse of the speeding Pope, Massachusetts Avenue was lined with uniformed D.C. police officers.


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