I’m moving…more to come soon!


Dear readers of WORDS Of WITte:

It’s been a long while since I’ve last written on this website.  Life is busy on the homefront so there will be further delays in website activity until things calm down.  Though I am moving away from Columbia Heights, don’t fret: I’m moving within the D.C. region to Arlington, Virginia.  When the dust settles, I plan to have a post on my reflections of living in Columbia Heights.  Check back soon. 
Thanks for your patience and I hope to have more for you soon!
Pete Witte

2 responses to “I’m moving…more to come soon!

  1. Well good luck on your move, although it’s a shame in a way — your insights into the neighborhood, while infrequent, stood well beyond and above most bloggery and were enjoyable to read.

  2. Good luck to you and your family Pete! We’ll miss you in this neighborhood (and neighboring ones, as the case may be) 🙂 but I’m looking forward to a Corner post about your new hood in NoVa, and lots more insights into Arlington.

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