St. Louis Views

I acquired an old photo with views of St. Louis from the Arch. It’s pretty cool to look at the photo and contrast with a photo of today. The differences between the two are significant, but there are similarities present, such as the central structure, the courthouse.

But about the differences: in the photo from 1969, on the left, Busch Stadium is just barely visible, while in the more recent image it’s long gone. Other differences that jump out at me are the westward expansion of the park surrounding the courthouse and the expansion of the building on the lower right side where a parking lot was in the 1969 image. There are a great number of other differences with a lot of newer buildings that have gone up south of the courthouse, on the left in the images. Take a look yourself.

St. Louis circa 1969.

St. Louis today.

Present day photo taken from website ( linked here.

St. Louis Then and Now.


2 responses to “St. Louis Views

  1. cool! i love these before/then and after/now type photo series. i have started doing my own series around dc before new largescale development takes place. it’s going to be pretty wild to see the city centre development (old convention center site) in a few years.

    never been to st. louis, but it’s on my list!

  2. Nice, must be a little weird to go up in that arch 🙂

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